116 - Library of Babble

This week, we play The Library of Babble, a “downloadable library” by Demi. Named after the famous Borges short story, it’s a game about a colle...View Details

115 - Bird of Passage

In this week’s episode, we play Bird of Passage, a game by SpaceBackyard, the designers of Like Roots in the Soil, which longtime listeners will rec...View Details

114 - Outside the BOX

This week, we talk about a new Ludum Dare game: Outside the Box, by IcyLavah. It’s a puzzle game about moving a box around obstacles and outside a b...View Details

113 - Tetromino Slide

This week, we play Tetromino Slide, a rage-inducing (that’s a compliment, don’t worry) browser game by Stephen Lavelle that combines Tetris with t...View Details

112 - Need 4e+9 Speed

This week, we look at Need 4e+9 Speed (aka, Need Four Billion Speed), a game about driving through the sky and glitching out. It’s an intentionally ...View Details

111 - JS13k

This week, we do something a little bit different: instead of surveying one game, we look at a cluster of games from the Javascript 13K game developme...View Details

110 - Kind Words

This week, your intrepid hosts go where no game has gone before - into the wild world of internet sincerity. The game of the hour is Kind Words (by Po...View Details

In this week’s episode, we explore the world of An Afternoon Rippling, a narrative game designed by Marcie LaCerte. We talk about cars as status sym...View Details

The title of this week’s game is quite a mouthful: “caged bird don’t fly caught in a wire sing like a good canary come when called”... by Tyle...View Details

This week, we play Devon Wiersma’s narrative game “Who Killed My Uncle?”, a game about exploring through your uncle’s old letters from WW2. We...View Details

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