140 - Planetfriend

In this week’s episode, we tinker with evolution in PlanetFriend, a game by Laura Michet and Brendon Chung. It’s an amusing planet-sim designed over t...View Details

This week, we play another game by Colestia: “A Hand with Many Fingers,” a historical mystery game about a Cold War conspiracy. It’s… a delightful gam...View Details

This week’s episode is the second of two episodes on Soon Only the Ocean, a real-time game about climate change by Max Myers. In our conclusion to the...View Details

This week, we play the experimental “post-post-net art” game The Online Museum of Multiplayer Art, by Like Like Arcade. We talk about the museum’s man...View Details

This week, we enjoy the miniature lego simulation “Let’s Go Build a ______” by David King. We reminisce about the Lego of our youth and Blake shares h...View Details

This week is the first of two episodes about Soon Only The Ocean, a game about climate change and rising sea levels. The game’s unusual format prompts...View Details

134 - Respawn Man

This week, we play Respawn Man, an original take on the puzzle platformer. We discuss platforming mechanics, puzzle games, death, and the worst puzzle...View Details

133 - Oh Snake

This week, we play “Oh, Snake!” by Henning Koczy, an interesting take on the endless runner genre, with a snake-inspired twist. We talk about how the ...View Details

132 - Terminal 64

Oh, man. I don’t even know where to start with this one. We play Terminal 64, a wild ride through Mario’s psyche by Big Bag. Yes, that Mario. We talk ...View Details

131 - Featherfall

In this week’s episode, we play Featherfall, another game by our favorite Dutch game design commune, the Sokpop Collective. It’s a soulslike action RP...View Details

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