183 - Alien Death Mob

In this week’s episode, we play Alien Death Mob, an intense twin stick shooter with bullet hell elements. We talk about some of the clever interface a...View Details

182 - YNGLET

In this week’s episode, we talk about Ynglet, a platformer without platforms by Nifflas. It’s a fascinating game with a unique movement style that imm...View Details


In this week’s episode, we talk about Kristallijin, a short, surreal game about following a mysterious dancer through an abandoned warehouse lit by st...View Details

180 - butterflowers

We play around in the “digital playground” of “butterflowers,” a surreal game about tending a digital garden that changes as you upload images from yo...View Details

In this episode, we play “The Legend of Bear-Truck Trucker,” a game about a bear/trucker buying and selling goods in post apocalyptic Idaho. We talk a...View Details

In this week’s episode, we play the demo for Unbeatable: Arcade Mix, a rhythm game with fighting game elements. We talk about how this game does rhyth...View Details

In this week’s episode, we explored No Sidewalks in the Mushroom Kingdom, a game about walking around Mario Kart’s Moonview Highway (using the actual ...View Details

176 - Dear Future

For this week’s episode, we play Dear Future, a cryptic exploration game about taking pictures of an abandoned city. We talk about the strange allure ...View Details

This week, we play Kendra: Heavily Pregnant Defender of Earth, a charming game about Kendra, a woman 8-months pregnant who saves the planet from an ar...View Details

174 - Casadastra

In this week’s episode, we play Casadastra, the newest game by Milosoft, the creator of Hissy Fight, which we played in a previous episode. It’s a tho...View Details

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