196 - Otteretto

This week, we play Otteretto, a puzzle game about making palindromes from colored tiles. We swap strategies, agree that puzzle mode is best, and take ...View Details

It’s another Edge Guard Seminar special episode! This week, we take aim at the many Wordle clones that have taken the world by storm in recent months....View Details

194 - Bloodborne PSX

This week, we play Bloodborne PSX, a “demake” of the original game in the style of a Playstation 1 game! We talk about the game’s impressive fidelity ...View Details

193 - Below the Ocean

This week, we play Below the Ocean, an unusual take on the puzzle platformer genre that features an old-timey deep sea diver affixed to an oxygen tank...View Details

192 - Slovak Games

This week, we play a series of Slovakian text adventure games from the late 80s, which were recently restored and translated as part of a cultural pre...View Details

This week marks the debut of our new recurring segment: “From Jam to Gem,” an exploration of game jam games that later got a full release. For our fir...View Details

190 - Mot‘s Grand Prix

This week, we play Mot’s Grand Prix, a retro pseudo-3D F1 racing game that hearkens back to classic racers from the 80s and 90s. The game is an impres...View Details

189 - Courage the Game

This week, we talk about Courage: The Videogame, a game that purports to be built from the files of an unfinished PS1 game about Courage the Cowardly ...View Details

This week, we explore “i wish you were not here,” a virtual art exhibition built inside Google Streetview. We discuss the creativity of the premise, a...View Details

This week, we play (it’s a mouthful)... “[fr0g] clan official server 24/7 zk map (for stranger),” a game designed by mkapolk for the 2018 Secret Santa...View Details

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